Experience of becoming a Speaker

Hello , how are you?

"Doing good "-that's great.
Ohh did you ask how am I?

"I am also good and Today I am here to share my experience of becoming a speaker for the first time."

GDG Patna conducted the event for the first time. On 29 February 2020
which was conducted at an Institute of Hajipur, Annex Institute of Technical Education.

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We will first talk about what GDG is.

GDG is a community of Google Developers which gives new developers a chance to emerge and show their talent. Explains new updates of technology. Gives a chance to meet new developers.

The topic of our event was Exploring the world of Web.

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Now we talk about our speaker experience, it was very amazing and wonderful because this was my first experience as speaker and the event was also the first event of GDG Patna. The excitement level gone high when we met the Chief – Guest and the communication scientist Manish Roushan sir. He is also the Author at Roushan Research International.

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This was my first event where I was invited as a Speaker. At first, I was a bit nervous about my session but when my session started and when I got to interact with the participants and good responses started coming from those participants, my session started getting interesting.

The topic of my session was Web.

We discussed about what is web? (it is an interconnected network between computers and computers, between mobiles and smart TV’s, between mobiles and computers, between computers and smart TV’s.), how does web works, we also discussed the importance of web. We explained everyone about the web through examples also.

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We were also doing frequent queries to everyone, who were giving all the answers and those who were giving the right answers, were also given small gifts.

Two more speakers were with me Sandhya Kumari who discussed about HTML, what is HTML? , How we code in HTML? , How it works and create frame and content of website? And Bikky Singh who discussed about CSS, what is CSS? , How we code in CSS? , How it works and format contents of website? After that we discussed with participants how to create a website through HTML and CSS.

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And in the last, we organized a Mini - Hackathon in which everyone participated with vigor. That hackathon was of 1 hour. All the participants were given 4 options, of which one had to be created. Prizes were also given to the best performers of each four groups. At the End of the day, We clicked group pictures with the chief – guest and participants. All the participants were very happy after attending the event.

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After this event, we moved one step towards developing our Bihar in the field of Technology. Now GDG is also in our Bihar. This is the proud moment for us. I am very Happy.

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