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We, the Biharis, have surpassed most of the Indian states and numerous countries world-wide in terms of population. We are proud of our gigantic population as this is the best asset of the Universe. But to prove our strength and number, our population must be skilled in different specializations as human resource. The Central and state goernment have taken multiple efforts towards skill development . We also want to make our Bihar-a skill rich state.

We have taken up work at a very small scale for digitals skills at Hajipur to train 500/- girls and boys to the level they can work on national and international projects. But as we all know we can connect with everyone in the digital world - no issues about geographical locations. To help ourselves grow and sustain we are here with our endeavor "Khabai Tech" .


I finished my secondary education from bihar after that moved South state for higher education B.tech. There I saw technology very closely and realised that our Home Town is very back in this sector. There is no electricity facilities, network problem, wifi-facility was zero at that time. When I returned my home town for vacation i have to face very dificulties, even i cant charged my laptop due to electicity problem. we have to wait hours for electricity. When my B.tech completed and I returned completely at that time i saw there is all facilities in our town also but one thing i saw was that the people of our town are not digitaly educated. Than i decided to work on this area of digital education. After that We started our Company "KHABAI TECH" with a small team which are from different sectors at my home town Hajipur. It was a small room where we started our company. we worked hard to explore our company by meeting different colleges and different peoples. we started giving cost-free classes to students who are intrested. Now I have a strong team of 25-30 in Hajipur and many more in different states and town also.


To make Bihar a Technology Hub. We also want to make our Bihar - a skill rich state. First we have to change the thoughts about insecurity of digital payment among peoples.


If we share about our achievements, in startup phase we were not so much achieved about our goals but day by day we build a small team but strong & successful team and I think thats the big achievement for us. After that, we worked on so many projects and all the project was successful. Our first project was Alloma. Our first website was The Sonpur Mela, after that We worked on many projects like Website of Annex Global School, Software for Shivay Family Restaurant, Skool India. We made Digital Invitation Cards, Digital Gallery, Digital Best Wishes Cards. Some of our Clients are Mahindra International School, Chitra Digital Studio, Lakshya Pustak, Fundamental of Physics.


Our Aim is to transform bihar totally Digital. we want to work on more and more National and International projects. And we gave them that projects in low budgets it means less than about 50% from other states.


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