Idea Behind Khabai Tech

We, the Biharis, have surpassed most of the Indian states and numerous countries world-wide in terms of population. We are proud of our gigantic population as this is the best asset of the Universe. But to prove our strength and number, our population must be skilled in different specializations as human resource. The Central and state goernment have taken multiple efforts towards skill development . We also want to make our Bihar-a skill rich state.

We have taken up work at a very small scale for digitals skills at Hajipur to train 500/- girls and boys to the level they can work on national and international projects. But as we all know we can connect with everyone in the digital world - no issues about geographical locations. To help ourselves grow and sustain we are here with our endeavor "Khabai Tech" .


Our Motto

To make Bihar a Technology Hub. We also want to make our Bihar - a skill rich state. First we work on innovative learning and realtime technologies accessible to youngesters.

Our Aim

Our Aim is to transform Bihar totally Digital. We work on more and more National and International projects in lowest project cost.

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