Microsoft Ignite The Tour

What is Microsoft Ignite The Tour? Which type of event is this?

Microsoft has a well-known yearly user conference in Orlando called Ignite. But did you know there is a smaller, free version of this conference called Microsoft Ignite The Tour. It is a free technical training event for developers and tech professionals.

Three months ago, from the "Microsoft Ignite the Tour Event" held in Mumbai. I heard about this event from Khabai Tech. At that time I had no idea about this type of technical event. But after hearing about the event I was excited to go to Mumbai instead of this event, because I was not yet aware of the event "What type of event is this?". Then, I came to know about this event from Google and you would not believe that my eagerness to see this event increased 2 times more. And then I got the registration link from Khabai Tech and I registered for the event.

And now my Microsoft tour date has arrived. I was very happy that for the first time I got a chance to participate in such a big event.

Now the day of the event started, the hall was filled with technical people, I was afraid that this was my first event. But I thought why fear, I have friends and sir with me.


After entering the hall, I had breakfast (muffins, idli and sambar).


After that me and my friend went for sessions, the session hall was very big. After attending a lot of sessions, we decided to play games like dice, computer games etc. There were prizes for the winner of the dice game. We enjoyed the game but unfortunately we could not win the prize. After all this entertainment, we got hungry, so we decided to have lunch. You guys would not believe that we had many food to eat, but we were confused about what to eat and what to leave.

After lunch we did a session on "What If AI was your daughter" by Sapna Grover Mam, which we liked.We had a lot of things to learn in this session. When the session ended we clicked a selfie with Mam.

microsoft_blog_khabai_tech      microsoft_blog_khabai_tech

And then came the dessert time, we ate sweets, muffins, ice cream, etc. There were many beverages like soft drinks, alcohol etc. There was also dinner arrangement, we enjoyed dinner as dinner was very tasty.