Women Entrepreneurs Round Table

Hello , how are you?

"Doing good "-that's great.
Ohh did you ask how am I?

"I am very happy and excited too because I got selection and confirmation mail for Women Entrepreneurs Round Table. "

Wondering what is it all about, let me explain it to you.

Today is the day, 3rd December 2019
We (Khabai Tech team) came to Patna and attended Women Entrepreneurs Round Table Conference which has been organized at and by Bihar Entrepreneurs Association, Patna. This conference main focus is to encourage Businesswomen.

"When women-run business succeed, we all benefits. Growing women-led businesses not only leads to economic growth through job creation and investments, but it also promotes gender equality and regional stability."

This offers opportunities and challenges too. The Women Entrepreneurs- Breaking the Glass Ceiling program will play a proactive role in the region to boost innovative business ventures driven by women entrepreneurs.

The event started at 10.00 am with a formal inauguration. The chief guest of meet up was Monica Shie (American Center Director). She shared lots of experiences with us. We met almost 20 women entrepreneurs, Shazia Quaiser Founder of (Revival), Kaveri Singh Qwner of (Coustamized Khadi & Indian Handloom Wear), Reena Kotwani Founder of (Cake Affair). Everyone is doing her best to change our society. We discussed in groups on the themes of Business Environment, Technology adoption, Market access and Sustainability of Start-ups for Entrepreneurs. We got divided in four groups and created presentation on given four themes and presented it with our thoughts in front of all entrepreneurs.

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The most exciting part was Khabai Tech team represented three themes group that was  Technology adoption, Market access and Sustainability of Start-ups for Entrepreneurs out of four themes group.

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My group theme was Technology adoption , we made presentation on it. An entrepreneur must go through significantly fewer steps to test out and adopt newer technologies. Because they are nimble and have less administrivia to contend with, they can jump on the innovation bandwagon rapidly and develop new solutions from scratch. In fact, that’s exactly why the likes of Google and Facebook tend to acquire smaller startups- to gain access to their tech and the brains behind it, before this “new kid” overthrows them.

Legacy companies also have higher coordination costs and require more time to implement new tech. For example, if large corporation wants to adopt new video conferencing software to help improve project management they may need to:

* Research the product
* Submit the request for departmental approval
* Get legal to ensure regulatory compliance
* Get a C level staffer to sign off on the initial expense
* Have the IT department review and approve the software
* Hire a trainer from the software company
* Roll the software out to a few departments for testing
* Present findings
* Obtain final funding approval
* Plan a staged rollout to the remainder of the company

In the meantime, a smaller business that is tech-forward will have implemented the new software, used it to improve their ability to communicate within project teams and with customers, and have moved on to considering the next technology innovation. If there is a formal procedure to follow, that often goes significantly faster.

Failure to keep up can lead to missed growth opportunities

Me and one of my group member Tanzeem explained the importance of Technology adoption and how Technology Adoption help Entrepreneurs. Everyone appreciated our Khabai Tech team. We learnt a lot from the experience of other entrepreneurs.

After meet-up we personally met with all women entrepreneurs and exchanged our Visiting Cards and also discussed what we are doing, and which type of works we are doing. We showed them some of our web applications, digital invitation cards and digital portfolios .Everyone appreciated our efforts and creativity. They were all surprised to see our excitement level and dedication towards work, they said You girls belong to small city (Hajipur) perhaps doing so amazing works. We learned many things from them and enjoyed a lot.

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End of the day, Our Discussion mainly focused on creating more and more women entrepreneurs from the state and forefront them in the role of innovation, job creation and growth of state as whole.

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With these I am moving to creating more impact on the girls around me.