Hi! I'm Ankit Raj

“The secret to living well and longer is: eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure.”

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UI/UX Design

Website Design

Responsive Design



User Testing


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The illustration of magic box with the help of HTML and CSS.

The square box changes into the round circle and again it changes into square box.

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Web Design

A Simple but convenient Website for a Resturant with His Famous Dishes.

A website for a resturant who have various types of foods available.

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The animation of a dragon

In this animation a dragon who is moving towards up-down and also it creates fire from his mouth.This animation is done with the help of Html5 and Css.

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One of my favest and hardest animation till now. THe SOLAR SYSTEM

There is 9 palnets in this solar system animation & every planet is moving on its individual axis.

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