Hello, I'm Swati Ray

A Web Designer working at Khabai Tech.

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About Me

Hi I'm Swati PWA DEVELOPER & GRAPHICS DESIGNER working with KHABAI TECH under the CEO of our team PRINCE CHAUHAN. I love building simple, clean websites and User Interfaces that are easy to use and attractive to look at. I like to spend my free time to learn something new..

I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive designs. When I'm not coding, you'll find me sketching or listening songs and i love spend time on social site. My goal is to be a passionate inspiring and creative developer that will be able to invent and innovate; also share and teach others in a way that they can be excited like I am about programming.I wanna to be a software developer.

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Client Testimonial

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“Swati holds an important role in the team. She is very light mood with ability to mingle with everyone. She takes her tasks very seriously and completely it as directed.”

— --Prince Chauhan CEO of Khabai tech.
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“Swati has a sharp mind with supportive nature which good for team work.She is always ready to learn and her timing is also perfect. ”

— --Viskvak Sen, CO-founder of Khabai Tech
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“Swati is a simple and hard working girl.she keeps always smile on her face.”

— Khushi Singh #Team member Khabai Tech.
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“One day when I meet her,her cuteness attracts and presence of mind is also good.I appreciate her work.I wish het to a successfull life”

— sandhya #chapter leader Khabai Tech

My Services

Digital Card

An intiative to help the guests reach the venue of celebration safe and secure on time..


Everything is going to be connected to cloud and data... All of this will be mediated by software..


Designed to perform group of coordinated functions, tasks, or activities for benefit of user..

Featured Portfolio

  • Thermometer
  • Webpage
  • Animation
  • Hotel order
  • Ball bunch

like thermometer


More triangle animation


Creative web Design


Resturant page


the forth famous resturant


click button and see magic

Ball Bunch

My Resume


March 2015

Matriculation in BSEB

It is a basic steps of our study life journey.

Patna University.
March 2015 - March 2017


My family say choose commerse but i was chhoose science stream..

Bihar University.
March 2017 - Present

Bachelor of computer application,R N College

It is a technical degree and professional degree .I think it is a better for me.

BRABU University.
March 2016

Diploma in computer Application.

When i m joining the course i was nothing.

Patron computer.


16 january 2020 - Present

Web Developer

First upon I am college stream girl.then I join khabai tech.when I learn web development .I do many project.

Just like:-thermometer,Ball bunch,Hotel,Khub Khao Resturant.

Khabai Tech.
29 february 2020 - Present

PWA Developer

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) when i get my identity card I am scoked I got the post of PWA .I am very happy to see.And Now My identity is very good.when I got PWA developer post i also do manny other projects.

Just like:-More Triangle Animation,Web page.

Khabai Tech.

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