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A day at Khabai Tech

When the first rays of the sun come towards the earth at their own speed, flowers bloom. The bird starts chirping. After falling sunlight, all things come to life. Nature has blossomed. Then the beautiful day starts. Each new day brings a new beginning.  By learning from what happened in the past, you get a chance to make your future good. There are many aspects of life. Childhood of birth, youth, and children. All aspects of age are unique. And the most memorable moment is college life. When I was in college, I had a dream that time and wanted to complete it. I always wrote the dream on the door of my room and today I am living my dream. My dream was fulfilled by khabai tech, a startup in Hajipur

                Even today I remember the day when I went to see a class with my friends for the first time because I had to join.

          One day when I was visiting a lot of people who were my seniors, juniors, and classmates. Our mentor showed a Motivational speech. The speech was very good. The mind was filled with gaiety. After seeing it, we felt that we too can do a lotA thought that transforms thought and good thought keeps the mind happy.

                                        I had a lot of questions, I talked to my senior and asked him the answers to my questions. The senior answered all the questions. I talked to my juniors, they also wanted to know a lot. I answered their questions.

                                      Everyone talked to each other. We all discussed together our future and what is the most important thing to do.


                                 We talked about some projects. When we talk together on a topic, we get more information related to it. After that it was time for lunch, everyone in the team had lunch together. Time did not know exactly when it was evening. I learned a lot the whole day. It was a great experience that day.

                            From that experience, I wanted to say that whatever comes in, after telling it to others, they understand themselves better. When we work alone and do the same work with the team, there is a lot of difference. The team is the thing that makes heavy to heavy work easy.

                                     Usually what we understand from the office, work pressure, boss's speech, office colleague's gossip, and much more, but when I talk about my office, all these things are completely opposite. Here we complete the work with enjoyment. Our mentor is like a friend with whom we can share everything. Always get to learn something from your seniors and juniors. If every day of life goes like this then life will be very happy and the dream we have dreamed of will also be fulfilled. Whatever we have made our goal will be very easy to reach. We forget to live life happily to achieve our goal. Becomes the pressure of society and family. 

                                             I have also participated in a lot of events. We have also gone for a walk together. I want to say that there is a store of fun here, whether you learn or work.

                                                 We could not go to our office in lockdown, but we used to work from home. After the lockdown opened, we worshiped Saraswati Mata and started the whole thing again.

 Today's life is full of competition, even in the small things we find competition so the main thing is we should know how we get a unique identity in any particular field and also how we will make it.

                                                                   If we follow the same path as others do then we shall not get a desirable destination. We have to do the same things in different ways.  

                                       Khabai Tech is not a company. It is a family of those members who want to do something unique and also want to contribute to society. Here's a member who has some slogan  -  सबका सहयोग सबका विकास,  let's change the thought that 3- tier cities can also be digital hubs.

                                                                 Khabai Tech family feels that money doesn't make you happy, money is a minimal thing that is used to fulfill the necessities of life. We get real happiness when feeling success in life after a struggle.


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