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How I Got New Born as the Content Queen

Life is always full of surprises. You never know who you are going to meet that will change your life forever. 

Prior to two years, I was entirely lost, perturbed, anxious, nervous, frustrated and badly stuck in a dead end job from college to coaching to home. Totally befuddled  without any slightest clue what I was doing? What was my expectation? What I wanted to do with my life?

Then a big and beautiful surprise hit me as a proverbial hammer. Due to that unexpected surprise I discovered myself, my potential, my passion, my enthusiasm, my happiness, my satisfaction and fully given my each single aspect of my uniqueness to the world. 

Roots that constrained me to change the track 

Hey! I’m Tanvi Singh, a developer during the day and a blogger during the night. This is the story about me from a normal college going girl to the web and content developer. My excursion from an unknown to the Content Queen.

So, let’s grab an espresso or tea whatever you prefer and lemme tell you my genuine life story. 

From my matriculation to intermediate, life was on the exceptionally right track,  but after taking admission in B.Sc and that too with Mathematics life became the push cart. It’s nothing like, I don’t adore maths,….in fact, mathematics is my fav, due to surprise classes in college, sometimes even after waiting for an hour and then getting to know that classes are suspended for today due to absence of teacher. This isn't sufficient, despite the fact that there were a handful of coaching centers in my city  for ( bachelor’s degrees ) and that excessively was not all that viable. Every day I get back with overwhelming sadness that the day was bad. 

Grasping at straws

During my second year of B.Sc I came across Khabai Tech  . Alongside me, Khabai Tech’s own journey likewise began around then. That time it should be characterized by what work does Khabai Tech , however today it shouldn't be characterized. Today it has accomplished its very own position. 

Truly, I haven't chosen anything in regards to my future,  I was simply in the perspective that I have to defeat that exhausting phase of my life….In the wake of getting the opportunity to join Khabai Tech, there were so many chemical equations skimming at the forefront of my thoughts without  getting balanced. My mind was self questioning me that the girl who just used laptops for playing purble places, how might  she make sites and apps?? But just for convenience my heart replied ……"what's awful in attempting??" ….”Lemme try, if it would seem to me impossible, I’ll quit.”...

My first step in the world of content development

After joining, between 3 - 4 months, I learnt basic coding and began working for the sites, portfolios, digital cards and more. During this period I got the opportunity to write some content for the online course and that too for the engineering students. So experimenting something like that  for the first time, I was quite….in fact totally nervous about how to do it? So, as usual Prince Sir, guided me a ton and with his guidance what I had written was literally unbelievable for me. Honestly, I was quite shocked that “how might I write so well?” 

That content got appreciated by everyone and that was the beginning of my journey as a content writer. So let's proceed onward to the story, else you will also feel that I am braving myself…

 I'd never dreamt to be a content writer, but destiny created their magic and co-ordinated with the fact what was already decided for me.

My blogging experiences

Just to practice and edify my writing , I created my Insta account for the first time in my life. I used to post some photographs or graphics along with my very lengthy experimented content even after knowing very well that no one will read it.  Between these periods I had composed  my first blog on  Daydreams and night dreams., then my 2nd blog on Hackers and Crackers and others as  

Sometimes you win , sometimes you learn,

 Live from arts and crafts corner of Sonpur mela

Interest pursued for pleasure

My journey from maths to web app

International Workshop on cyber security

Let’s meet silly Tanvi

Ek thanks to banta hai

I moved to copywriting

I’m a girl who is never afraid to try something new, because I feel, life gets boring when you stay within the limit of what you already know. I love the challenge of mastering new things. After writing some blogs, I thought of going out of my comfort zone to try something new, and that was copywriting. 

Till I wrote blogs, I had not done any courses in content writing, I just wrote with my heart, my experiences,... no courses or training,.. but before starting copywriting I decided to go with an appropriate methodology. Furthermore, for that I observed some YouTube channels, did some online courses and till date I did copywriting for sites as

Women in tech

Prathiksha International

Yuga Social Duty Foundation

The Sun Girl Makeover

The experimenting phases of the journey

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”

After composing blogs and copywriting I considered testing somewhat more with my composing abilities, and afterward I began thinking of some short verse or rhyming. 



Truly, the best time I find in it, to state a great deal in a couple words,..... not to talk anything even in the wake of talking a lot and to state a ton with nothing, truly fascinating. Perusers additionally used to cherish it and appreciate me. 

Apart from these, I also tried something else like documentation, short stories, articles, branding content, video content, and more. 

Honour of my new name


On the certification day I got the biggest surprise when I got honoured with a beautiful gift and my new name as a content Queen.

Thus, this was my two-year- -venture as a content developer. Be that as it may, this journey is not from me alone, the credit goes to my mentors, my friends, my colleagues, my teammates, a million thanks to them for being consistently and constantly there for me.

Too more to achieve

A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. I have dreamt it so I will definitely work harder to fulfill it. I will do my best to maintain the dignity of the content queen. I still have a long long way to go, I’ll go.

Has something unexpected happened to you also who has changed your way to your future whom you never dreamt off ? 

If yes, then please share with me. I'll love to listen to your story too!.....

If not then find out your talent, your uniqueness! Since knowing your superpower will change everything about your life! So discover it out!

Have a pleasant day ahead!

-------Tanvi Singh

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