Project Details

khabai tech

Project Description

We get the project by the CEO of the Khabai Tech. This project provides Search Doctor, make an appointment for best treatment.  

Doctors! Make it easier for patients to reach you. Doctor Khojo helps you to find the best doctors near to your location, book appointment with best doctors, clinics, hospitals & diagnostic centers in India.

If you do a class like yoga or pilates, simply let your instructor know so they can adapt.These are experts on hormones and metabolism. They can treat conditions like diabetes, thyroid problems, infertility, and calcium and bone disorders.

This project lead was Neha Singh who guided the team Chhotu Kumar, Kajal Kumari.

Technologies : We worked on HTML, CSS JavaScript.

Project Challenge

We faced some challenges like connecting best Doctor Pharmacy and Diagnostic for our Patients, Collecting more information regarding this project, managing Websites and SEO ranking.