Project Details

khabai tech

Project Description

Sonpur Mela is Asia's largest and famous cattle fair. So after visiting this fail our team got idea abut this project and CEO of  Khabai Tech Prince Chauhan decided to made a beautifull informative website of Sonpur Mela. The main moto behind of this project is to give right and all  information about this fair. So people stay updated about it and know whats will be the unique and special of upcoming fair.

We designed this website and worked on graphics and digital marketing. The project lead was Krishna Kumar who guided the team Priyanshu Kumar, Anupam Kumar, Ujjwal Kumar and Kajal Kumari.

Technologies - we worked on HTML, CSS, Bootrap and Javascript.




Project Challenge

This is our first project so our team member have no idea about how and where to start the working of the project because all are Interns and newer to this field. Also face challenges in content writing, loading speed of the website, some extra stuff on the website, SEO ranking.