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khabai tech

Project Description

One small step in WISDOM will lead to a gaint leap in good learning ... Our Nursery teachers are qualified, friendly and kind. They are not only good communicators but also good listeners. Children will learn faster in child friendly classrooms and aesthetic environment.



Our Mission in our school is really about preparaing our students to no longer need us.

What We Offer

Safety First

Certified Teachers

Creative Lessons

Regular Classes

Sufficient Classrooms

Sports Facilities


We have qualified, trained, experienced team of teacher, who are proactive, induce thinking and also ignite scientific enqueries/ideas.


Spacious, well ventilated classroom, state of art hardware lab with matching up to date equipments.


We have about 2250 books on various subjects like physics, chemistry, general knowledge and other activities in our library, they are easily available and very well stacked.


We have many foundation like IIT & NEET, Medical foundation, olympiad programme classess and english Spoken Classess.


Our Team


M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D

T.Madan Mohan

Project Challenge