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Getting Swags from Google California to Hajipur

Getting Swags from Google California to Hajipur

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Getting Swags from Google California to Hajipur

“So this story starts from Kolkata, Firstly I talk about kolkata because it all starts from there after attending the Google Developers Groups Event DevFest 2019, Because belonging from a small city of Bihar,Hajipur it was such a dream come true experience for us.

So, let's relive the memories of "4th August 2019" the day of trnsformations . This day is special indeed because this transformed thoughts of 20 youths of Hajipur and that was too special, most of were at a 5* Hotel for the fist time, aamongst 100s of developers and coders. There were 10+ experts of technology from different cities across India.

Here, I, Ankit, want to share myexperiences of how that day made a exponential curve in my life. So, I'm going to reveal the story.

In that event I met Anubhav Bhaiya, who was also a student of but at the same time He was the one of tech speakers in that event. After knowing that we all came from Bihar for attending this event , He was shocked and he was like really you all are from bihar and you came only for this event. It was a really awesome moment for us, Khabai Tech after being praised by them.

Now coming to the Main Story how I got the Swags From Google Cloud . After returning home I was full of excitement and loads of thoughts inside me to do something new in my life. After thinking about this few days passed, One day I was visiting my Instagram suddenly I saw a post on Anubhav Bhaiya's Instagram about 30 days on #gcpchamp, a challenge from Google Cloud platform to complete in 30 days and after completing this you will get the swags from google to showcase your achievements.

After knowing about this I was getting mad day by day like in anyhow and any condition I want it in my hands. Now what is going to happen next you all can better understand.

Yes, I accepted the challenge . After all, how can I let this opportunity go from my hands. But wait wait In the excitement of swags,I accepted this challenge but Now the real game begins from here. As you know I was a student of computer applications but it was not easy for any technical student because I was never too familiar with any cloud engines and cloud services. So it started creating problems for me to completing this challenge. I faced loads of problems and even the same time there was no any person is there 

to help and overcome me from this. . The Challanges were

  • Cloud storage: Qwikstart -console
  • Cloud IAm: Qwikstart
  • Stackdriver: Qwikstart
  • Orchestrating the cloud with Kubernetes Deployment manager
  • Multiple VPC networks

Lastly, I completed this challenge while doing it anyway.Some days I worked 6-8 hrs of quicklabs exercises Finally I submitted the assignment on 31st August 2019 and after that I was in heaven because only I can know how much problems came to completing this for a normal guy from a city like Hajipur

But wait, it is not over yet because the real struggle begins from here, Don't understand, wait i will tell you. It means how much time you will have to wait for your Swags to come in your hands.

After waiting for approx 2 months Suddenly one day a call comes and it was from a courier boy and he tells me that you have a parcel from GOOGLE , So tell me your exact address so that I can come and give it to you. After hearing this, my happiness was on another level like really I can't express the immense pleasure of that moment. It was like a dream come true experience to achieve it from google.

I made a U turn towards my home but only to find my siblings had received it and were surprised to see a parcel from GoogleI did the Unboxing. At the moment , my feelingswere dhak dhak dhak dhak... "there wer some gifts and prizes for me. Along with a completion letter.". Everyone's in my family just became proud of me.

So in the end I want to say that yes Life gives chances, and sometimes we need to Take U turn. For me, the first U turn was joining Khabai Tech I always remember the thoughts of our mentor Prince Chauhan. Thank You! ---Ankit Raj

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