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Ek Thanks To Bnta Hai

“Gratitude is the most beautiful way to express all that's in your heart in only two words Thank You and that gratitude will open the door,.... the door to...the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the Universe.”

Please, sorry and thank you, whom we meet as a companion, since childhood and consistently get demonstrated that as straightforward as they may be, they may presumably be the most remarkable words. These three words can stop a war and furthermore end a way.

As among the most frequently rehashed terms in our day by day lives is 'Thank You'. We take help from so many people in our daily schedules whenever we are in dire need. Of-course we use to thank them however, mechanical repetition of “Thank You” has denied them of their essence: the heartfelt appreciation that the words seek to express our gratitude, to make them feel special for their great help.

Show Your Gratitude :-

Some feel shilly-shally in asking to help, Oh! Did you too???.. Even after getting caught by a dire need, did you also refrain from asking for any help, hey, generously don't do that idiocy. It does't make you frail or incompetent. Ask for help not because you are weak but because you want to get so strong.

Have you noticed that such helping hands are forever engraved in our minds? Because with their help we get a new direction in our life, a new door to opportunities, to happiness and so on.

So shouldn't we also make the way of gratitude so memorable that they should always remember it, to realize what a great job they have done by helping us? Now, the question is what we need to do???..Well as I have raised the question in your mind, never mind I will give you the answer.

We can do a lot to show our gratitudes , as:

Thank You Cards:-

It will be an incredible idea to thank as I've likewise had the joy of getting some thank you cards over the years, so I realize exactly how warm and acknowledged they can cause you to feel.

Thanking Message (Poems, Quotes, Speech) :-

Never forget helpers, sometimes we are not able to express the value of anything in words .. but when we thread them in words, it creates magic moments. Give your heartfelt gratitudes a word frame whether in poems, quotes, mails, or anything similar. But show gratitude, it will rewire your brain as you itself can realize that “one of the best feelings in the world is knowing that someone is happy because of you” .

Dedicate a Good Day to Helping Hands :-

In the long journey of our life we can’t survive without taking help, but somehow we forget to chase thanksgiving with the same zeal. If we also prioritize the happiness in our thanksgiving then it will bring a beautiful smile on the face of the helping hand and their day will also be a Good Day

ज़िंदगी के कठिन सफर में मिल जाते है कुछ हाथ…
जो जाने अनजाने ही सही,
मुश्किल हालातों में निभा जाते है साथ ||
खुद्दारी झुकती नहीं, कर लेने से मदद की फरियाद..
पर यारों, एक बात अवश्य रखो याद,
आपका आभार इतना खास हो की बना दे उनके दिन व रात ||

Thanksgiving Day

Hey, as today we are talking about “Thank You” or the gratitudes but do you know, in the United States for appreciation and thankfulness they use to celebrate“Thanksgiving Day” as a federal holiday, but not on any particular date, actually they celebrate on Fourth Thursday in November, so each year the date varies. It gets started for the Harvest Festivals and that’s why the main theme of this day is to have thanksgiving dinner.

Always Remember :- As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them, so find out as many unique ways as you can to show your thanksgiving .

So as you all are much familiar with the fact that each and every blog by Khabai Tech brings something energizing, very astonishing, significantly more informative......Woo Hoo! Any guesses , for what reason it could be? Lemme help!

Well the crux of this blog is to bring out a realization that the help we are getting must be thanked, necessarily appreciated, they should be realized that how their help matters to us.

As we are having so many colleagues such as Bikki, Neha, Sinny, Amisha and so on, who are helping so many members but they don’t get the recognitions, they are not getting appreciated for their help. So, let’s make a difference in the lives of our helping hands.

Through this blog and with great enthusiasm, Khabai Tech reveals to all the team members a surprise announcement that we are going to include Thanksgiving in our culture. Wait...wait, I’m telling you what we have to do. For this we are going to put a focused and sharp look on your social media where you all have to share the thankyou cards for anyone who helps you in the team, your shares will be much useful for the helpers to enroll in the rankings with a larger number of thank you cards. All the cards will be counted on any particular day each month and the helping hand with the highest numbers will get a reward may be (Gift Cards, cash rewards, …..).

Have you ever felt guilty for someone who has ever helped you but you couldn't say a single thank you??

Hey! What are you waiting for? Just make either an audio or video call and say to them the magical word “Thank You!” with an awesome smile. Make them feel special, make their day special. And Don’t forget to answer my question in the comment. The incredible stories of your’s get shared by us on social media.

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