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कौन कहता है कि आसमां में सुराख नहीं हो सकता,
एक पत्थर तो तबियत से उछालो यारों...!
यदि मन में चाह हो, कुछ कर दिखाने का जज्बा हो,
तो इन्सान कर ही दिखाता है |

So, friends, let’s start the journey “Exploring the World of Web” in a new way. This is the first meetup co-presented by the GDG Patna and Khabai Tech in the special month, “February”. I think you all are thinking, why I am saying February , a special month. Because this is the leap year, February has 29 days , and this First Meetup was held on the last day of February, that is, on 29th Feb 2020.

Hey there, this is Bikki , a Full Stack Developer and Speaker of this event. I think all of you heard about the public speaker. What is it? What is the role of public Speaker?

Literally friends, this was my first meetup as a speaker. As a developer I have participated in many sessions, events and Meetups. I had no experience in public speaking or giving a presentation. I know people gain this skill in their school life , but I never participated in any speech competition, annual event in my school life. It was really a challenge for me to present, in front of a lot of people. So I was very nervous. There were two more speakers rather than me. They were also nervous because it was also their first meetup.

“Being nervous is not bad, it just means something important is happening.”

And the time had come, to begin the event. It was a good thing that my presentation was the last one. But were in the last, so what happened, the presentation was there. As my presentation time approached, I became more nervous, my body began to shake.
Wait wait !! don’t panic ‘मुझे कोई बीमारी नही है , but जब भी मैं nervous होता हु मेरा बॉडी शेक करने लगता है | And guys ‘वो घरी आ गयी जिसका मुझे था इंतज़ार’, it means time of my presentation. And then, Host Tanvi invited me to the stage. And believe me guys, as soon as I went on stage to start my presentation , I forgot everything which means everything that I have to present. My heart-beat started beating , then I took a deep breath and started my presentation . And, as I started presenting, my fear disappeared slowly .

“You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.”

The topic of my presentation was CSS. So guys, I know that you all are thinking about CSS, what is it? How and where to use it? Therefore, here I would like to describe the overview of this topic.

So, Let’s Start,

The full form of CSS is “Cascading Style Sheet”. It is a style sheet language that tells a browser, how to present an HTML document , or any other markup language .
A CSS document is built on a hierarchy, which is what “cascading” refers to. I'll explain this cascading at last.
Now the term is, What is Style Sheet?
style sheet is a template of font and layout settings to apply a standardized look and feel to HTML documents.
In short, we can say CSS is a means of stylizing HTML content"If HTML content alone is a freshly-built house, the CSS is the furnishings, decor, amenities and everything else extra that turns it into a home."
Like everything it also has its Syntax

The selector is the element’s tag name you’re applying styling to: h1, p, img, a (hyperlinks) are all examples of elements you can format.
declaration is the style parameter you set. If you’re telling

tags to render in the color blue, that is a declaration.
Property and value go hand in hand. The property is what type of style you’re declaring: font-family, font-size, color, line-height, etc.
The value is the specific styling, so for font-family: Helvetica;, the value is Helvetica. For font-size: 20px; the value is 20px.
Basically, the property is on the left side of the declaration’s : and the value is on the right. When you have several declarations, separate them with a ‘;’ .
Now, the next term is Where does CSS live in an HTML document?
So, there are three ways to incorporate CSS in an HTML page and that is:
1) Externally
2) Internally
3) Inline

Let’s study the overview
1) External CSS → In this CSS, you have to create two separate files named HTML and CSS. And you have to link the css file with the html file. And It’s very simple to link a style sheet within an HTML document. You’ll need the 

 tag, which is self-closing.
And your css link look like this



2) Internal CSS → If you don’t want to make a new stylesheet then simply nest the

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