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Certificate ceremony

Friends! I don't want to start with an excuse because my belief is that it takes a little time to do something good so  It took me a while to reach the event to do something good.

                                                 After a long time, the khabai tech team gathered for the certificate ceremony at Advent restaurant.

                                                      One is a good academic qualification and a good position in life, but whatever you did was taken only for yourself, you were not successful in the true sense. You will be called successful when you change at least one life with your goodness.  CEO of khabai Tech Prince Chauhan has brought many changes in many lives. Sir got a lot of thanks at the ceremony well!  He deserves it. The entire hall was filled with excitement. Everyone met each other after a long time, so everyone had to talk a lot. Everyone was excited

                   There are many such colleagues who do not show up but continue to be helpful, I also met Priya Ranjan sir. 

                                   On being successful in life, the Person has a glow on his face and the same glow was on everyone sitting in the ceremony. After joining khabai tech, everyone has some success stories of their own. 

The ceremony started on its own time. Our favorite and versatile host Tanvi started to entertain with fun talk things.

                The chief guest was welcomed. The ceremony started with the prayer of God. A certificate is given to everyone by the chief guest. Some people who were involved at the time of lockdown and for some time all told their experience. 


 It was on 20/09/20 that everyone shared his experience as well.

                                I do not speak much on stage, hesitation remains. For me, two years of khabai tech has been very valuable. My life has changed since joining here. Sometimes I think if I do not join khabai tech then what would my life not know?


Right now my life is very cool. And I am very happy.


In all these things, I forgot to tell a special thing, there were many gifts for us along with the certificate. Many friends call me Sandhu with love, today another nickname was found - scripted lead | Woow this name is also very good. T-shirt for everyone with nickname and certificate and photo in a frame. I wrote a graphic designer on my t-shirt because I love graphics.  

                                           Uffffffffffff……….  Told you so many things and missed the important thing, I just tell you. With so many things going well here, the food was very tasty and my favorite Gulab Jamun was also there. 

                          In the afternoon everyone had lunch together and after that, the ceremony started once again. Sir appreciated everyone a lot and gave many gifts too. One announcement is more of a  surprise gift. There are many personality members in our team, one of them is Sinny. She is a very amazing and talented girl and also does hard work. She was given a smartphone to work with hard work and dedication.  She deserves it. When she got the phone, she was also surprised. This happiness was visible on her face. It is evening, time is not known in the ceremony. We have reached here in two years of hard work, and have to work hard because we have to go further. It has to be taken forward now and a new identity has to be created. Everyone has to walk together. The whole day was filled with excitement. Life is short, in this something good has to be done that people remember for a long time. With this thought, I pause my word and then I will definitely come back next time with a new success story. Until then be happy and be cool.


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