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My internship journey at khabaitech

 "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."

11 November 2019 was the first day for me at khabaitech. I got an internship opportunity. I saw a very strong and dedicated team over there, to support and help. I think that I am fortunate because I got a friendly team and a co-operative environment that was a good thing for learning new things with better experience. Whenever I faced any error or problems in my tasks, the core team members were always there to support me . My learning journey was going smoothly in good manners with some good memories.


But when Khabai Tech got closed during the lockdown, my learning mode was stopped. Due to network issues and not a good device available for attending online sessions I was troubling so badly. This was a big issue for me. Before the lockdown, my skills were only HTML - CSS and this is not enough for a developer.Many of my friends was in learning mode. I was getting discouraged. I wasted 2-3 months in lockdown. And no any other hope possible in lockdown. Everywhere, a pandemic of corona which was a very critical situation for all of us. 

                                              lockdown image

' If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.' 

Finally I decided, I have to start working late night with implementations. In night, my network usually works properly. Yeah, this is right to say that "I am not attending any sessions but with topic I learn with myself and develop my skills". 

"अपने सपनो को सफल बनाने के लिए, बातो से नहीं  रातों से लरना पड़ता है।"

"रूकावटे आती है सफलता की राहों में,ये कौन नहीं जानता। फिर भी वह मंजिल पा ही लेता है जो हार नहीं मानता।।"

The whole lockdown, I worked continuous Day and night (10pm to 3am) and I developed many skills without attending any sessions like - designing (Canva, Adobe XD), presentation, Social Media Management, Email designing, JavaScript, Basic python, HTML5-CSS3, Bootstrap, basic PHP etc.I also got beautiful certificates as a learning experience.    certificate image
I worked on many projects such as wisdom (, FIMS (, needdeck(, vintage weaves( etc. While working, I got an amazing experience with team and clients. I also got many Amazon gift cards from different - different companies like from progate(500 rupees), khabaitech (450, 800, 400), vintage weaves (500). In lock down, all these were such a helpful gifts. And I am grateful for all these companies. 

              amazon gift card              certificate image
At khabaitech, I attended many events in offline and online mode. First event was women round table in Patna with amazing experience, second event was girlscript Hajipur in which I performed as a volunteer which was a great memorable day for all the khabaitech team and I also get certified by girlScript foundation as a volunteer. Then the next event was ' GDG - Patna ' in which too, I worked as a volunteer. And many more events in online mode such as women in tech, women network, progate etc. All events were such a great time in lockdown. 


After a long time, khabaitech decided to plan a meet-up with teams and learners as an event day with some rules likely wearing a mask, using sanitizer with social distancing. It was a many-many special day for all khabaitech members and teams. And furthermore, khabaitech distributed the beautiful certificates of internship programs and NASA Space app hackathon. All members shared her/him experience at khabaitech and how they faced problems and how they achieved certificates of Hackathon .I was also there and I also got a certificate as an achievement of internship program. Some special team members got the beautiful or amazing gifts which was unexpected for them.

certificate image    gift image

They got a title on the basis of their performances. I missed one thing which was most important, can you all guess what???  …Obviously, भोजन .. Yes, we are from Bihar and without food how we feel , all Bihari's knew that. Hence, on event day, a short break , for the lunch with some snacks and drinks which are delicious. 

dish image
At the last moment, when all the things get completed, my name gotta announced for an unexpected or amazing gift - a smartphone (Model - redmi note9). Can you believe it? I also can't…...When I recieved, I felt so glad, and that moment I was blank about what to say on the stage, no words , may be because that was quite unexpected moment for me and for which I was very grateful and thankful to khabaitech team and my boss who all always encouraged me. I feel like waoo..Thank you so much all khabai tech team… 

 "अगर मेहनत आदत बन जाए , तो कामयाबी मुकद्दर बन जाती है।"

 gift imageMy internship journey was very well with best wishes and best memories, which was not forgettable.  Khabaitech gave me many things or also a developer tag as an identity. Currently, I am popularly known as a PWA developer.

So guys, if you are also thinking about an intern in khabaitech, not to worry about, just join us without any pressure, you learn programming, designing, managing, blogging, hosting, etc with supportive members and will create many more grateful memories. Believe me, if you are looking for an internship in Bihar, this is the best place for you.  Thank you… 

Sinny kumari(PWA developer)


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