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My journey at Khabai Tech in 2020

The beginning of this year was very bad, at that time I had missed both my job and education, then I came to know about KHABAI TECH. My friend told me that Rahul is a khabai tech company in Hajipur, who does internship, you will get to learn many languages. After that I decided that I will join KHABAI TECH and I joined on 24th April 2020.

Journey at Khabai Tech: 


24 April 2020 was the first day for me at KHABAI TECH. I got an internship opportunity. I think that I am fortunate because I got a friendly team that was a good thing for learning new things with better experience. Whenever I faced any error or problems in my tasks, the core team members were always there to support me.




In khabai tech, I learned a lot of languages ​​like HTML5, CSS3, BOOTSTRAP, JAVASCRIPT, React. JS, etc. One of the new technologies that I got to learn is technology SEO.

In khabai tech I worked on many projects like Hebe Services, SIT Digital, Vintage Weaves, etc.


14 Oct 2020 was the most amazing date of my life because on that day my khabai tech was completed 100 and I was going to get the certificate, I cannot express how anxious May was and even why my life would not be on that day It was a very important day. 


On this day, I not only got a certificate, I got a name too! Now you must be thinking that the certificate and name do not match anything, so listen to my work and studies, the name given to me by khabai tech is "Emerging Allrounder", it is a unique name.

Celebrate My Birthday blush


Celebrate Christmas Day with our team :)

    At khabai tech, I also celebrated Christmas in the last of 2020. And I and my entire team of khabai tech also did adventure in this year's end.

That is why I want to say that khabai tech is the best place to learn more & more ...........


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