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My Internship Journey at Khabai Tech in 2020

By the end of every year, you can be a little smarter, a little happier and a little stronger, comparing this moment .... and for me, I can undoubtedly agree on this fact.

2020 was indeed a tough year for the world, as we lost so much valuable things...but this year also given in a lot, taught us a lot....

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20 April 2020 was the first day for me at khabaitech. I got an internship opportunity. I saw a very strong and dedicated team over there, to support and help. I got a friendly team and a co-operative environment. Whenever I faced any error or problems in my tasks, the core team members were always there to support me.



When I joined khabai tech, there was a lockdown in the whole country, I started my studies through online class.




I learnt HTML5, CSS3, BOOTSTRAP, JAVASCRIPT, WORDPRESS, LANGUAGE after that we got to work on many WEBSITE, then made a lot of FRIENDS, then I worked on many Projects like Shiva Auto Crop, Fims Education, SIT Computer & Library, Print A Gift, Wedding Card.


After joining khabai tech, I received a lot of certificates. After 100 days intern, I got my achievement certificate and I got a new identity from khabai tech and gave me a name "Emerging Programmer".


Gifts from Khabai Tech



After burning with khabai tech, I got a chance to burn with many people. I got a lot of mentors who always teach us something new…


So now with a heartfelt gratitude, I bid a farewell to 2020 and I wish may 2021 will be a successful year for me. May it will be so glittery and sparkling, happiest and prosperous and full of adventures...


Alwida 2020

Swagatam 2021❤️


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