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Thanks 2020 & Khabai Tech


Even the small moment of life has a lot of impacts, when we talk about the whole year, a lot of things come. Our lifestyle is based on two things, desire and responsibility. The foundation of desire begins at will and later becomes a responsibility. This happened to me, when I was doing BCA, the web developer had a dream. This dream has been fulfilled after the internship at khabai Tech.

2018, 14 Sep I joined khabai tech and today is the time 28 Dec. There is a long journey, started from the base, today where we have reached, the way forward is visible.


2020 full year It was unique to the world that I learned a lot of things this year. 18 January 2020, through the GirlScript Foundation, we got a chance to present our city Hajipur. We celebrated together with Global Diversity CFP (call for proposal). From our city to another city, we made our mark.

At the end of one month, we start the plan for the second month,

 After joining GDG Patna, on 29 Feb we organized an event "Exploring the World of Web", I was a speaker, I had two team members Bikki and Shilpa. I explained how to make a website, in which I told HTML, Shilpa told the web, and Bikki told CSS. The first time I became a speaker, there was a lot of excitation. Enjoyed a lot.

In March, we went to Contributors meet 2020 in Nagpur to represent GirlScript Hajipur. The GirlScript Foundation is active in 64 cities across India. I and my team member Sneha were representing Bihar, it was a very proud moment.

There has been a selection in the core team of the upcoming GirlScript India Summit 2020. 14 Days of “Quarantine day on Instagram”. Participated in and made a lot of designs. Graphics design has become a good practice. That’s why I became the mentor of “Design your Dreamz”, at Khabai Tech Had a very good experience. A few days ago the event of “GirlScript Hajipur” was successfully completed. Preparations are now underway for the Regional Summit.

The entire country has been locked down since March due to the Coronavirus. Everyone will be imprisoned at home, but our team was active online, online we learned many things and taught many people.


Meanwhile- I started work of counseling at Lakshya classes. I make my vision that I can earn along with my studies. 

Another important thing started an internship in digital marketing at YSD Foundation.

We believe in social work, that is why we attend the seminar on GDP at Kachari field on 23 Feb. Where the DGP of Hajipur comes and gives a spiritual speech. He also encourages all inspectors and sub-inspector for their rule. We all enjoyed it here.

Birthday is the happiest day for any person and when some wonder on these days it is a wonderful feeling. Just like that, her birthday happened to Cute member Amisha. On 31 May, khabai tech gave a surprise party at her house. We all have a happy birthday to Amisha on a video call.


Time never waits for anyone. It goes at its speed.  In lockdown one of our active members is  Shilpa, marriage is fixed so we decided to celebrate her farewell. On 17 June we got together at her house. That was an auspicious day for us because after that she left some memorable moments that we spent together.


Do you know that Sanskrit is the oldest language and from this language, all the languages ​​are made? English is a language that is spoken all over the world, so in today's time it is more important to speak English than to write, that is why I joined PPCM in which we taught with Manish Roshan sir (Communication Scientist).

When I started designing your dream with the Canva session, my team members Bikki, Sneha, and team members started TCC (TheCode Creation). In this, we taught the participants, and we also got experience.

Our team taught Python from The Girl Code Organization and they all made Python games. Its experience was also very good.

As you know, we make more websites from the IT world. It is not only necessary to have a website, it is also necessary to bring it to a high point on google search. Therefore, our team learned SEO (search engine optimization) and also implemented it.

How fast was this lockdown going ?????

I did not know anything, one thing was coming one after the other and it was also getting finished fast. I learned a lot of things during this lockdown.

The lockdown broke and some things slowly opened up. We were waiting for this opportunity because we had to do a party, we had to meet our team physically.

We came to Advent restaurant with our Puri team for the certification ceremony. Many people joined us during this lockdown, all met each other. Lots of talks.

I forgot to tell one particular thing in so many things. In a Pandemic situation, khabai tech got a chance to conduct a Hackathon on behalf of the NASA Space App Challenge. I also participated. This was my first hackathon. Had to do 24 hours coding.

As the name suggests, everyone got a certificate in this certification ceremony. Web development at Hackathon. Some of our team members got unique names like - versatile developer, content queen, backend queen and I got the scripted lead. I like this name very much. Another journey starts from here.

We have one expert photographer Rahul Singh. He also got the nickname Graphics guru. His excellency in clicking photographs is awesome. On 26 Oct we celebrated his birthday.

In the Mahabharata, Arjuna had Lord Krishna, who always stood up to show him the way behind him, similarly, there are two members in our team, who are always ready to help, that is Sneha and Bikki.

We inaugurated the new office of khabai tech by celebrating the birthday of Bikki and Sneha.

What is the specialty of our country? We get molded in color, consider every festival from the heart, whether it is Christmas or New Year. We celebrated the birthday of Jesus on 25 December. Our Chief Guest Prince Raj Sir cut the cake and Tanvi and Tripti made the X-mas tree. The boy's first-team danced. Then the girls' team made a splash.

The whole year is about to end, but the time has passed so quickly it is not known.


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