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2020- The most unconvincing year of my life


2020 in the world of History


The End of a story……

The beginning of many


One last day of 2020 is left, then the story will come to an end. Like every story, this story also comes to a conclusion.....what did we learnt???....2020 हमें क्या सिखा के जा रहा है???......


The year taught us how to deal with the tough times and to move on , we learnt how to upgrade our skills and explored the things to greater extent, we have learnt to work from home, we recognized the importance of friends and family, learnt to have patience, to love self, to save money and even much more.


आगे बढ़ने से पहले…….इस साल की मेरी दुःख भरी कहानी सुन लो…!@#@!$%*&%^)(@%#&*%$#.........नही समझ आया?????....मुझे पता था मेरे दुःख कोई नहीं समझ सकता,............hmmmmmmm…...छोड़ो जाने दो…..


यह साल इतिहास के पन्नों में हमेशा याद किया जायेगा.. एक के बाद एक बर्बादी का मंज़र देखने को मिला……..which we can't even imagine today…..literally…. COVID-19, locust swarms, earthquakes, forest fires, cyclones and much more hit us one after the other, yet we survived and stood tall. Let's see what 2021 has planned for us! Just wish for the best.


2020- The most unconvincing year of my life 


As we agree with the fact that every coin has two faces which tell us two different stories. Similarly, 2020 pursued both positive and negative aspects. For me it was the year full of experiences, I upgraded my skills and get endorsed, I got my 1st Job, I collected so many certificates and much more achievements , made this year successful for me.


2020's journey with Khabai Tech-

मेरी journey Khabai Tech के साथ 2018 में ही शुरू हो गई थी, लेकिन 2020 ने इस journey को एक नया मोड़ दिया! During January, in the event of Global Diversity CFP Day by GirlScript, I got the golden chance to host that event, it was the beginning of my hosting skill. In February, Khabai Tech co- presented a meetup "The world of web" with GDG Patna, and I hosted that event too. I got so many appreciations for that event as it was far better than that of my first hosting. The things were going superbly but due to COVID-19, and lockdowns , that progress stuck somewhere.


The First lockdown 

In the midst of the first lockdown I got totally involved in exploring my hobbies and designed so many posters, paintings and sketches. I worked on my cooking skills and irritated the whole family member through my experimented foods. 


Khabai Tech reunion during COVID-19,

During the second lockdown, Khabai Tech gathered their team, we all started working strongly from our homes. We all initiated so many online training, internships, webinars, and all. 


Lockdown Farewell

We celebrated the farewell of our team member miss Shilpa during the lockdown, that too with more than 60 members. Now must be wandering…… की...Lockdown में,....और वो भी 60 से अधिक लोग, मतलब सोशल डिस्टन्सिंग की तो धज्जियाँ उड़ गई होंगी….so let me clear that, we were present on the venue with only 8 members and the rest celebrated through online medium.


My first Job 

Due to my multitasking performance at Khabai Tech, my portfolio got selected for a job profile and I got the chance to work as a content writer at Yuga Social Duty Foundation. 


Certification Ceremony

During the certification ceremony of Khabai Tech, again I hosted the event that was my third experience. I received the tag of Content Queen in that event. 


My work role

This year taught me to take the responsibilities and to fulfill it. Before 2020 I was just a web developer and moreover I was somewhat good at content, but at the end of 2020, I can proudly say that I upgraded my skills to the next level. Now, I'm working as a content writer, digital marketer, online and offline trainer, host and canva editor. 


Wish for 2021

Who knows??....what's waiting in the new year, but I just wish, this year will bring more and more opportunities for me. 


Thanks 2020

Thanks Khabai Tech

And a huge Welcome 2021

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