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Gdg Patna and Khabai Tech Present Exploring The World Of Web

“Life is only as good as the memories we make because a memory is a photograph taken by the heart to make a special moment that last forever."

So, let's relive the memories of "29th feb. 2020" the leap year day which comes once in four years . This day is special indeed because this makes February and that year too special, but it was not just special for us because something ultra special happened that day.

Here, I, Sinny, want to share myexperiences of that day, what we have learned , what we did and many more things. So, I'm going to reveal the suspense .....On 29th Feb. 2020 , " GDG Patna and Khabai Tech " co-presented a meet-up " Exploring The World Of Web " ....The venue of this meet-up was none other than the Annex Institute of Technical Education which is situated at Kachhari road, Hajipur(Bihar).


Two days before the event I had filled the form to attend this and there I came to know that this is gonna be 6 hours event..So, on 29th feb , when I reached the venue on time, I was of the thinking that I'll be bored till 6 hours....
But when I met Tanvi, the host there, my confusion also disappeared that I would have to be bored ...She started the meet-up with a quotation which the entire hall echoed with applause...After that Tanvi shared a lot of things and in between, her punch lines were forcing the participants to laugh out loud..Frankly speaking, it seemed that now who cares for 6 hrs, I can stop here for 10 hrs...After listening the host, along with all the participants, I was also feeling highly motivated ...


I was very curious to know about " GDG Patna ".The question was haunting in my mind that " What is GDG ?" I am familiar about Khabai Tech because I have attended some previous events of Khabai Tech and also its a startup in our home town, Hajipur. So, the host told a little bit about GDG and also introduced Anurag Verma who is the lead organizer of GDG Patna ...and requested him to explain about GDG Patna....Anurag Verma explained very well and in detail that " What is GDG ?" ... how can we can participate in it ... what are its benefits ......... and also told how much he had to struggle in bringing GDG Patna (Bihar) ........Listening to all these things, I realised that " Everything is possible " .

I also met @founder of Annex institute “Harish Chandra sir” .He was a special guest of this meet-up.The host introduced him as the founder of Annex .He told “what is life?” and “how can we grow in every moment?”.He is a #inspiration for all students..He explain a short story about himself after listen this story I was getting very inspired..Thankyou so much sir to inspire all participants.

After that the host introduced the Speakers ....And the first speaker was "Shilpa Singh" who is a full stack developer .... She had given a well discribed explanation on "What is web?" I get shocked when she said "This is my first performance as a speaker", while she looked very confident . The next speaker was "Sandhya Kumari" . She was a front-end developer and worked on so many projects....also she was a Chapter leader of some other events....She had given a presentation on HTML5 and I loved her performance very much because she was very frank and her presentation was very clear and interesting. The next speaker was "Bikki Singh" who was looking as professional speaker and very smartly discussed on "CSS". During his session he was very energetic and his session was somewhat long with comparison to the others but he contineud without any break.


The presentation of all the three speakers was literally mesmerizing and after their presentation , the atmosphere got a little serious ... but when the host came, the atmosphere became very enjoyable and entertaining due to her talk........ Then came the turn to meet the Chief Guest, whose name was "Manish Roushan". When the host got him Introduced, I thought myself lucky that I got a chance to meet him ...He was a national award winner in Business Management and a communication scientist...Also he was an entrepreneur and by passion he was a writer.....When he joined the stage then he disscussed about so many things as how we can develop communication skill in our own life and also discussed about Linkedin...and arised a question that "Who are on Linkedin and use to update everyday?" I as well as he also get surprized...approx 80% participates accepted that they are using Linkedin and also doing updates for 15 to 20 minutes...Then he congatulated us and also discussed some major keypoints about Linkedin....

I get to learn so many new things and was very happy for joining that meet-up...The host also got some interesting activities done in between, which was very fun to watch and do. Like, when the guests or the speakers were coming then she use to greet them with "Welcome Tali" and when they were coming back from the stage, she was thanking by doing "Thankyou Tali" and we used to do it as well… even though I had seen it for the first time but it was a lot of fun to do....


After all this the organizer given a 15 min-break.I was hungry too ...In the Snacks, there was tea and cookies and the tea was very good. After break meet-up again started by a 'mini hackathon'. In this hackathon, they showed some 'portfolio design' examples and we have to select one among all designs and we had to complete within 1 hr using HTML and CSS. The compitition was very exciting.


Every participant joined this hackathon with a great excitement. Time was going on and lastly time was up. Every participant were excited for knowing 'who was winner'. At the last moment , the organizer, announced that "there are some gifts and prizes for winners". Everyone's excitement increased after listening that. Lastly some 10-12 participants became winners in this compitition. I haven't remember all winners but some of them were ---- Khushboo singh, Kajal kumari, Manisha kumari, Dolly Singh, Roushan kumar, Ujjawal kumar, Anuj kumar....And those who did not won in this competition , also received gifts in the form of swags.


So in the end I want to say this meet-up was awesome and joyfull , everytime we were on learning mode. For me, 29th feb 2020 always remembered for this meet-up " Exploring the world of web "Thank You!

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