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  • Baghdulhan Rd, Opposite Development of Mathematics, Baghdulhan Bihar 844101

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KTech Fest

KTECH FEST is a technical fest organised by Khabai Tech and co-presented by GDG Patna & Nasa Space App, with a wide array of  Learnings & Exposures, Competence & Opportunities, Experiences and more, for the Biharis. In the transformation of Bihar into an IT Hub, we are initiating each strong step to ensure it.  For the first time it's happening in our hometown Hajipur. Fest will include both Seminar and Hackathon.


Organiser - Khabai Tech

Powered By - GDG Patna & Nasa Space App 

Category - Technical Symposium

Events - Seminar & Hackathon

Department - Anyone can participate

Registration Fee - 199RS/- 0nly

Registration Link -

Last Date for Registration - 30-01-21

Event Starting Date - 31-01-21

Event End Date - 31-01-21

Contact Details - 9955871746,  6299238775,  7004857253

Venue - Annex Institute Of Technical Education, Kachahari Road, Ram Sagar Singh complex, Hajipur, Bihar 844101


Fest Description (Seminar)






Seminar Intro Round

10.00am - 10.30 am


Web & HTML5 Session

10.30am - 11.30 am


CSS3 Session

11.45am - 12.45 pm


Lunch Break

12.45pm - 01.10 pm


JavaScript Session

01.30pm - 02.30 pm



02.30pm - 03.00 pm


Frontend Seminar 

Why should I attend the Seminar?


Participating in this Seminar will provide you enormous amounts of information over the course and the specified topics and benefit you in many ways including 

* communication skills, 

* networking, 

personal branding, 

gaining expertise knowledge and information, 


confidence and much more.


What I’ll get to learn?

If your dream is to be a front-end dev? If you want to design some wonderful web pages on your own? If you are looking for any learning opportunities in the front-end? This will be the best place to go. Here you’ll learn about front-end languages ​​with practical knowledge.


And immeasurably more..... 


Icing on the Cake :- 


This seminar will bring an incredible chance to meet some ideal mentors, helping friends, influencers as well as there will be a wonderful opportunity to meet some successful people who are coming as the Chief Guest. You will get to know them closely and learn a lot from them.




Fest Description (Hackathon)






Hackathon Challenges Intro

10.00am - 10.30 am


Non-Stop Coding

10.30am - 02.00pm


Lunch Break

02.00pm - 02.30pm

* What exactly is hackathon & benefits of Hackathon?

Hackathons are a type of  challenge where you have to solve any type of problems in a limited time period.  But most probably which type of  problem faced in hackathon??? It often involves computer  programmers and others interested in software  development, working  intensively on software projects, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, domain experts, Animation, Logistics and others. 

  * Benefits  

And Hackathons are proving to be the basis for new ideas. They are particularly good tools for stimulating the creative and problem-solving skills of developers. Also you will get Participation  certificate, winning certificate , a chance to connect with good community, for self-branding.

* Why are we doing events?

We are trying to make Bihar an IT hub. Which brings a new face of  Bihar to the whole world, to Salute the talent of Bihar.

Every family is facing economic problems in this corona crisis. Many students are giving up their hopes and dreams in this situation. Because they don't have enough money to fulfill their own dreams. 

We are trying to help those students by providing them a platform.

* When will the event happen?

 We are coming up with a bang on 31st of January 2021 . It's gonna be happen on an offline platform, so that all the students can easily participate in this event. 


Who can Participate?  

This hackathon is not specifically for any class or any course or  any age group of student.

Anyone can participate in this hackathon, who wants to know about the technology  and wants to pursue a career in the technical field. Or know something about technology. Then you can definitely participate in this hackathon.

Anyone who thinks of himself as a learner and wants to learn something new then you can participate in this hackathon.

If you want to develop problem solving skills. Then you can  participate in this hackathon. 

If you have html , css and javascript knowledge then you can participate in this hackathon.  

* Why should you attend this Hackathon?


If you want to win some exciting gifts and certificates

You can acquire many skills during this 6 hour hackathon premode 

For Example => 

Time management (grow up your confidence to solve major problems in a fixed time period ), team management (In this hackathon you will connect with new people and form a team and perform with them)  and connect to a good community.


We will learn many new things and solve problems by relieving stress.


Exciting prize for our Participant 


You can win many exciting gifts in this hackathon like key rings, coffee mug, phone cover print with your name and image. 

You will get the participation certificate, winner certificate, with best performer batch, If you manage your team well then you will also get a very exciting gift. 

Design and challenge

Design = Html, css and bootstrap 

Challenge = Javascript And some hacks.