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Neha’s birthday

"A day, which is most important and special in our life, that is birthday…. "

Birthdays come every year with lots... of happiness and blessings since when we are born.
I celebrate my birthday every year on 20th feb. The way of celebrating my birthday is not so special. On my birthday I get up in the morning and take blessings from the elders. After that, I wear new clothes and go to the temple for worship. Then, if possible I meet with friends and spend time with them to give small treats.
When I joined the "Khabai Tech", next year, my birthday came. That was the first time when I celebrated my birthday and cut the cake in 2019 with the Khabai Tech team at the office. The cake was brought by Prince sir and Vishwak sir, he also came on my birthday. That was a small surprise for me. I didn't think that he brought the cake to me. I was very happy to celebrate my birthday. That was the first birthday…..celebration for the Khabai Tech team.

After my birthday celebration, every teammate's birthday has started celebrating. And this year Khabai Tech has completed one year of Birthday celebration...

On this (20 feb 2020) birthday…..the birthday was extra special for me. From midnight friends and family have started wishing me birthdays. As usual in birthday morning I took blessings from elders and went to temple for worship. After that I went to "Khabai Tech" office with my friend Sandhya, when I reached the office, my friends and teammates were waiting for me out of the office, they gave me lots of wishes and hugs and one of my teammates came to me and gave me a yellow color Smiley Balloon that was very nice and I really liked that. And I took Selfies with all my friends and teammates.

When I entered the office, all my teammates wished me together and I saw the office was fully decorated with balloons, a birthday letter and ribbon for my birthday celebration. Bikki and Manish brought cake from the market that they ordered before. Cake was really beautiful.

After that I celebrated my birthday by cutting the cake. Friends have eaten me cake and I also eat cake and shared cake with all my teammates.Cake was very delicious.

Prince Sir gave me gifts, one coffee mug with my pictures and birthday wishes and one standing photo frame with my pictures, both are beautiful gifts that I really liked. And friends are also giving me sweet gifts that are DairyMilk chocolate,I  that. At that time I also received a gift from my best friend that was a beautiful watch. I was very happy to get these awesome gifts.

My birthday became more special when a SDPO came with four more people to "Khabai Tech" office and joined the birthday celebration. They gave me their best wishes and blessings. I shared cake with them. That was the unexpected moment for me and my team. And it goes exponential, if you have guests from Public domain. We were surprised to host SDPO at the my Birthday celebrationMy happiness became double after the celebration.

I also celebrate my Birthday with my family at home. My brother and sister have planned a small surprise for me. My brother brought chocolate cake for me that was very yummy. And I also got a gift from my younger brother.

I would like to thanks Khabai Techall my teammates, friends and family for making my birthday so special and giving me beautiful and sweet gifts.
Thank you All