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Amazing surprise

As everyone believes that "no one hasn't any idea about what will happen next ".But still they have their own planning about their future.

But………. sometimes……….
Something happened that we never think of or we can say "unexpected".

I remember that …… That day, I thought that today is also like my any other day but, you know what, suddenly something happened then I felt that yeah" Chalo Aaj Kuch acha Hoga" Actually there was a text from Prince sir (CEO of khabai Tech) that" there is a meeting and I have to join that, strictly said that don't miss it."

As there was no other information about the meeting so I thought that there may be an announcement or something like that but whatever will happen, it sounds interesting now. Yeah, also it was like a surprise.

Well, I think that you are also interested in what will happen next …, isn't it... So, finally, at 12:30, I joined the meeting and you know what, Prince sir was discussing about the LinkedIn app that this is the best platform for professionals, we can easily find a job by this app only by our strong profile. We also saw profiles of some of the professionals like Praveen Kumar Purushottam and many more.

All these things were good and also informative, but it was not that, that I had expected and as you know that expectation is the reason of sadness.So I was also feeling the same at that time .
But ….you know what …... something happened just reversed my mood ….. thinks what ….any guesses…….

Well, there was a farewell party of Shilpa Singh (a core member of khabai Tech) on that zoom call meeting. Now it sounds interesting …. right...
Well , first of all,let me introduce Shilpa Singh 


She is a core team member of khabai Tech and a full stack developer. also Actually she was going to get married so that's why there was the farewell.


Now again there was something that made me more excited was that…….
Few of the team members were there. Yeah, you are right, it means with Shilpa di to celebrate the moment or we can say to make that a memorable moment. They celebrated thereby cutting cakes, surprising gifts and entertainments and of course we (all participants of that call ) wished her and enjoyed the celebrations.

Well,I believe that whatever things we did to celebrate this farewell doesn't matter more but actually the thing matters which is the feelings behind this surprise. And believe me, this is the actual specialty of khabai Tech that I like the most.

Now let's move on the call ….
As we are enjoying the first suprise the next was just waiting….
Yeah right I am talking about the next surprise. That day was such a great day for me, one after another surprise, just unbelievable.
Again, the next was just awesome and literally, I didn't have any idea about that. You know what, Praveen sir was suddenly joined on that call. yaa, Praveen sir whose profile we were looking few minutes earlier. In reality you know what , he is just different from his profile pic that's an interesting point, I found. And it's really nice to meet him on the call . Let's have a look on the profile of Praveen sir.

He is an expert of Html, CSS , javascript, jQuery, bootstrap,node.js,react.js mongo.DB mongoose,express.js PHP,and many more.He is a full stack developer. Public speaker ...Yeah,I know, that you became tired by reading all these ,but…..what did I do ,he is such an expert.

Now ,it's call time , he was also participated in the Shilpa Di's farewell and celebrated the moment with us .Then he introduced himself and shared his experiences with us . He just said that " He was also a village boy upto intermediate then he completed his graduation from RMD college.
Everything was fine until that but due to some personal reasons he had to move to UK for studies .No, no really doesn't mean that he was from rich background even he hadn't enough money for food in the UK. He faced so much difficulties there but he never give up from his situations . During all these conversations,he told a very interesting fact about Uk that " Everyone there respect each other and help them to make carrier of one another . Overall everyone supports each other ".

And yeah the same thing he found here that means in our khabai tech and you know what , he(Praveen kumar Purshottam) is now a member of our Khabai Tech team . That's really a great news na . isn't it ? Yeah ,I know off course it is.

Finally the series of surprises was over and yeah ,surprises were very much interesting and inspiring and all thanks to Prince sir , Praveen sir and the team of Khabai Tech for a lot of surprises and lessons . Thank you so much ..